80s Horror Movies Behind The Scenes

Jaws, behind the scenes with the animatronic Shark. 

Behind the scenes on The Shining

Return of The Living Dead Behind the scenes.
Double trouble on the set of the original The Exorcist. 
Freddy Kruger takes a break on the set of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Alien Creature actor behind the scenes of Alien.
Michael Myers gets thirst behind that mask on the set of Halloween.
Stephen King's IT clown gets a makeup touch up on the set of the movie.

Top 5 80s Horror Movies You've Never Heard Of

Obscure and forgotten are my favorite kinds of 80s Horror Movies! Just when I think I've seen them all along comes one I've never heard of. Here's some you may have never heard of. In no particular order..

1. Society (1989)
Society 1989
Society (1989)
There's something different about teenager Bill, or is it everyone around him? Beverly Hills upper crust is into some very weird and disturbing stuff. Society is very reminiscent of a Lovecraft movie along the lines of From Beyond or The Re Animator. There are some really creepy scenes and special effects, be sure to look for the "butt-head" scene.

Five teens in the woods stalked by a machete wielding manic. Well done slasher with a good plot twist.

3. The Hand (1981)
The Deadly Spawn
Michael Caine is a comic illustrator pursued by his own severed hand that kills anyone that angers him. It lives. It crawls. And suddenly, it kills.

4. Terrorvision (1986)
 A family's new satellite TV system starts receiving signals from another planet, and soon it becomes the passageway to an alien world.

5. The Deadly Spawn (1983)
 Alien creatures invade a small town and a group of teenagers, and a little boy, try to escape from them.